How Sandals should fit your beloved feet?

Sizing matters are always an issue we have to consider from time to time. Every piece of clothes, footwear, or even accessories comes in size. So today with this brief blog, we believe that with this guideline, you will have your own ideal footwear size preferences, how to choose correctly, and how sandals should fit!

Footwear Sizes

So, first thing first, why do we have to choose the right size for our footwear? How will it help?

If you choose the footwear size just approximately for the proper foot size, you will hurt your feet because your footwear doesn't have room for your feet. Your feet will continuously be in contact with the footwear for a long time, which causes foot pain. 

If you choose footwear that is way bigger than your foot's size, it will discomfort you. Your footwear now having too much room that your feet can't fill up, creates negative experiences when using that footwear. 

 What may wrong size footwear cause?

You may encounter many feet pain if you wear the wrong size footwear for too long such as Plantar Fasciitis, Bunions, Heel Crack, Toe Pain, Ankle Pain... 

How to pick the right size every time?

Understand your feet as your bestie! You should measure every corner of your feet, wide/width/height. Make sure to measure every centimeter precisely, then you could use your feet measurements to apply with any size chart of the product. 

Hey, come here, we will tell you something that only you can hear. If it's sandals, choose one or half size smaller, if it's shoes, choose one size bigger than your standard feet length, because:

  • Sandals are usually made of rubber so they will loosen over time.
  • Shoes are substantial in structure, so it degrades slower than sandals, bigger sizes for more comfort.

    What features should footwear have?

    We bring to the topic here is sandals, the perfect pieces of accessories for every occasion, every season. Sandals should have these features below:

    Sandals could possess many more benefits, try them yourself, if you find something new, we're glad to have a chat with you! 

    Tips for choosing sandals

    Here are a few tips when choosing sandals:

      Sum it up!

      These are our preferences after researching and experiencing many types of sandals, you could mix our guidelines with your own experiences for the best "Size chart" for yourself.

      Don't forget our small conversation, and enjoy your day!