Top Trendy Sandals you can't get your eyes off

Fashion is always around us, it could speak up for your personality. High-end quality, Unique Design, Famous Brand... it could be hats, pants, glasses, shoes... We're here with you to take a train to visit the Top 5 Trendy Sandals that you can't keep your eyes off this season!

Flat/Thong Sandals

Oh my, it's always the Flat Sandals! Like flip-flops sandals, due to the simplicity in wearing, easy adding details & styles, it has never been off-trend! Every year, many brands introduce their new designed Flat Sandals, it might have the combination of features of other sandals, but still, the Flat Sandals take over the whole concept. Suitable for every occasion, it's called beach sandals, and even fits the outdoor theme, party, Fall, Spring... 


Mule Sandals

The old types of sandals but not so popular until those years, Mule Sandals in the past represented Bedroom slippers and weren't worn in public. But with these days technique, it has changed, still carry the similar concept with the Flat Sandals Easy to wear, Easy to design, and Look fashioned; but with a more refresh looking. It's usually designed with an elegant protective instep, has no back or constraint around the foot's heel, and has more room for unique details.  

Platform Sandals

Here come the Platform Sandals! An advanced version of Sandal's, it gives you a height boost with tall flatbed soles, softer & friction reduction due to the usual-made rubber sole. We believe this sandal will add a new wind to your style collection. Try it out, will you?


Strappy Sandals

Many people still have a vague understanding between Strappy & Gladiator Sandals. The Gladiator Sandals usually come with many straps then you need to tie them around your leg, The Strappy Sandals are often designed with an elegant look, lesser straps, and it only wraps your foot. Get yourself a pair of Strappy Sandal and it's fun to discover. Suitable for every occasion even if you don't know whether these sandals are formal or casual.

Wedge Sandals

Last but not least, the Wedge Sandals! Many here will question why Wedge Sandals are standing in this Top Trending Sandals. Frankly, it gradually creeps back into fashion. Slowly but surely, you could choose from many types such as wedge sandals slideswedge sandals thongwedge sandals with ankle strap... We think it's always the best choice for jeans & summer dress with a Wedge Sandals, it's so refreshing!

To conclude!

All of the above are our suggestions, if you are still not satisfied, we believe when you try one of these above, you will find yourself just like a fashionista. Don't doubt, just try it!