About Us

Dashigh - Extension of yourself and your personality!

There is one very popular shoe that you can easily come across in your favorite footwear department - The Sandal. We are quite sure you are looking for the latest, most comfortable and exquisite designs for sandals. We know that every woman has her own whim of style, so we have created a footwear collection where all women's needs can be met. Our footwear collection not just fulfils all your needs, but also adds to your comfort level.

With millions of people every day buying our shoes, we understand how you want to feel as a daily user. No matter how weird, offensive or tempting the marketing tactics are, we stick to our way of bringing you the best comfort footwear world has to offer. We thrive to hold on to the honor of being recognized as the original and the best comfort footwear brand by providing you with the best product for your feet at an affordable price. Want to know what makes us different? We are always looking for ideas on how our marketing can be even more impactful.

Enjoy Yourself Here!